January Update

As the Board of Directors of TEAD, in the fall of this year, we made the difficult decision to pause the riding programs for a period of time in order for us to try to develop a business and service delivery model for TEAD that would continue to provide quality therapeutic riding programs and be viable and sustainable for years to come.

We are now three months into this process and are providing this update to inform our members and the community about our progress and respond to questions that have been asked of us.  The goal of this transition period is to determine whether or not a viable business plan can be developed for this program.  It is absolutely imperative that this pause leads to a program and service delivery model that makes sense from both a business and a therapeutic riding perspective and therefore the board is investing some of the resources from the sale of the property into developing and assessing an appropriate sustainable model for TEAD.

Plans to sell the TEAD property have been in the works since 2012. These plans, in various forms, have been discussed at the past two AGMs with the membership and in a number of communications. The board had considered several options, and in the fall of last year decided that selling the complete property was in the best interest of TEAD and a way to help the organization move to a more sustainable model of service delivery.

We had the property assessed and received fair market value for the land. This enabled us to pay off our debts and put in place a transition process to help develop a new business model. The following is a breakdown of the funds from the sale of the property and our debt payouts.

Sale of Propery Image 

To help us develop a quality therapeutic riding model and sustainable business plan we have put in place an experienced transition team. They started working together in early December and we hope to have a new plan in place by the spring.

The transition team is comprised of 5 TEAD staff who have worked with TEAD for many years and are well known by TEAD riders, families, volunteers and the horses.

Kevin Fair, Deb Nelson and Helen Clayton have been our barn staff during this transition period and will remain with TEAD until homes are found for all the horses. This will be complete by the end of January.  Hilary Webb and Helen Clayton have been responsible for finding the best homes for all the horses and for ensuring all the horses are doing well in their temporary placements.  Hilary and Helen will also be working on the program and service model and helping to develop the new business and operational model for TEAD.  Kim Meadowcroft will continue as she has for the past 8 years as the office administrator and business support person.

Our new member of the team is Nancy Anderson who will be the lead person on overseeing the transition process and developing the new program and business model.   Nancy is a social services professional, with 35 years’ experience with the Ontario Ministries of Community and Social Services and Children and Youth Services. She has a proven track record working with community agencies and programs, primarily those for people with special needs, both as a program manager during her public service career and providing program and financial reviews since retiring in 2010.  Among other volunteer activities, Nancy joined the Board of Directors of ErinoakKids in 2014. She is also a life-long equestrienne and currently a riding instructor at Northfield Farm in Rockwood.

Please note that all of the transition team were selected on the basis of the skills and experience we identified as needed through this transition and are accountable to Board.

Working budget for this transition phase and expenses against this budget for the last half of December are:

Transition Budget Image

In our December update, we asked for stakeholder feedback on our discussion paper that presents options on new program and funding models going forward. This paper summarizes the research done to date, along with options the Board is considering.  Feedback received from our stakeholder community, along with recommendations from other industry experts, suggest that we take a targeted and business operations approach to resuming service:

  • Focus solely on the therapeutic riding program.
  • Offer therapeutic riding for spring, summer and fall sessions only.
  • During the off season, focus on fundraising, volunteer training. If viable, develop & offer unmounted horsemanship & equine assisted learning programs.
  • Determine if summer camp is viable. Costs need to be covered before offering.
  • Expand our funding model to stabilize and leverage needed resources to ensure the costs of programs does not exceed available revenue.

Confirming our new business model is the focus of the board right now.  We know that it must:

  1. Continue to meet the needs of riders and their families,
  2. Deliver high-quality programs and, at same time,
  3. Be equally cost effective and affordable.

We do not have a start-up budget yet as that is dependent on the new business model that is in the process of being developed.

Thanks to outstanding work by Hilary, Helen and Nancy, successful placements for all horses been confirmed for all but one TEAD horse – and we should have a placement confirmed by next week.  All new homes were carefully vetted by staff, care agreements drawn up for all temporary placements and will be visited by Helen, along with our farrier Kevin.

Horse Placement Status
Dakota Returned to owner Moved December 11
Rascal Returned to owner Moved December 19
Ivy Returned to owner Moved November 25
Trigger Returned to owner Moved November 27
Splash Returned to owner Moved December 2
River Returned to owner Moved December 31
Ebony Temporary Placement Moving by January 30
Andy Temporary Placement Moving by January 30
Mikey Retirement Home Moving January 27
Wrangler Temporary Placement Moved January 2
Raven Temporary Placement Moved November 26
Trooper Temporary Placement Moved November 26
Waldo Temporary Placement Moving by January 31
Mickey Sold to Therapeutic Riding Program Moved December 21
Sable Sold to Therapeutic Riding Program Moved December 21
Dancer Temporary Placement Moving January 27
Hottie Temporary Placement Moved December 15
Ellie Temporary Placement Moved December 15
Willie Temporary Placement Moved December 15
Bobby Temporary Placement Moved December 15
Lexie Temporary Placement Moved December 15
Oliver Placement options being developed TBC

Updates will continue to be posted on our website on a regular basis.  In the meantime, if there are questions please don’t hesitate to send them to admin@TEAD.on.ca or call 905-679-8323 ext. 222

To download a PDF version of this update please click here.

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