TEAD December Update

TEAD Update ~ December 2015

Board Activity

The board has been meeting every two weeks and putting many hours between meetings to ensure the transition plan is well in hand and we can focus on securing a viable and sustainable business model. A separate discussion paper is being shared that will describe the business model options and strategies identified to date and needing your feedback to move forward.

Board Stakeholder Committees

The TEAD Board has decided to establish 4 committees/teams of volunteers, each co-ordinated by two Board members, supported by volunteers, with consideration being given to co-chairing by a Board member and a community volunteer.

  1. Major Gifts
  2. Major Event/Gala
  3. Gifts Under $10k and Sponsorships
  4. Community and Engagement

The first three teams will focus exclusively on fundraising.  A more detailed overview of the proposed committees is provided in the discussion paper.

Sale of Property

We received fair market value for the property which has enabled TEAD to pay our outstanding debts and successfully move forward through this transition. We have also made a temporary lease arrangement with the new owners to stay on the property for the interim pending consideration of options for future facilities.


We are happy to report that all of TEAD’s horses are continuing to enjoy excellent care.  The five horses generously loaned to TEAD have been returned to their owners’ care. Two other horses, Mickey and Sable, have gone to another therapeutic riding program that will provide them with forever homes.  All other horses have been placed in wonderful temporary homes, with all details clarified and documented in care agreements as well as individual horse profiles/health records. Placement has been arranged for one other horse and a retirement home for Mikey and placement options for the remaining horses are being actively developed.  All horses will be moved to their new homes by the end of January at the latest.

TEAD Staff Transition

We have been able to retain a skeleton staff structure to assist TEAD through the transition.

  • Helen Clayton, Kevin Fair and Deb Nelson will remain on to the end of January to ensure that the remaining horses and the barn are cared for, along with coordination of volunteers for night feeds.
  • Helen will remain on after January as the key contact for all horse placements, supervising the placements including regular onsite visits. In addition, she will work on inventorying all of TEAD’s facility and program equipment and she will work with Hilary to transition the horses back to the program as we are ready.
  • We will continue to engage Nancy Anderson as a part-time transition director to help guide the transition work.
  • Hilary Webb will remain on with TEAD, working with Helen on securing good placements for the horses, and will work closely with Nancy to develop the new program and business model, along with expanding community engagement and sponsorship.
  • Kim Meadowcroft will continue to offer financial, program, and board administrative support through the transition period. She will also assist with providing administrative support to the business model development and will organize and clean-up TEAD files and records during the transition.

Business Model Discussion Paper

Please be sure to read our discussion paper on potential business model options and strategies and please provide your feedback through the link provided or through email.

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