Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an unmounted (non-riding) experiential approach to teaching life skills like leadership, communication, and teamwork through working with horses.

What are the advantages of EAL?

  • anyone can participate - no horse experience required
  • teaches interpersonal skills in a fun, natural, and engaging way
  • learn how to navigate unexpected challenges & negativity
  • helps participants recognize opportunities for learning within themselves
  • versatile programming options for all learning styles and processing levels
  • a non-threatening introduction to horses

Who can benefit from EAL programming? 

  • school groups
  • corporate groups
  • at-risk youth 
  • couples
  • adults in assisted living 
  • those interested in team building and personal development
  • anyone seeking to develop leadership skills & recognize learning opportunities within themselves 

Why horses?

Horses are prey animals and naturally mirror the thoughts and behaviour of others. They respond quickly to our body language, giving participants instant feedback on their actions and allowing connections to develop more easily. Horses are large, powerful animals that can challenge participants to overcome fear and expand their comfort zones. As a result, they gain confidence, empowerment, and self-esteem.

Pricing: $60 per participant per hour

Class Length: 1-3 hours 

Number of Participants: minimum 4 per session, maximum 24

To inquire about booking a program date, please contact troton@tead.on.ca

Praise for our EAL program:

"We loved our experience at TEAD! I think it was the perfect length - any longer and I'm not sure the kids of that age would have been able to handle it. But the students talked about it non stop and apparently went home talking about it. I think the fact that they got to lead the horses through obstacles and groom them gave them a huge sense of independence and responsibility. It was amazing watching them build their confidence.  It was also such a unique learning opportunity that not many other people get. I know there are several other students who are interested in possibly participating!!  Thank you so much for being so welcoming and offering such an incredible service. "

- Holy Trinity Catholic High School