Looking to Join TEAD's Therapeutic Riding Program?


Start by filling out of intake form by clicking here: INTAKE FORM 

The intake form will be reviewed by our Occupational Therapist, riding instructors and office staff to ensure individuals with medical conditions can safely be supported to ride.  A medical approval form will be sent to individuals who can proceed to a riding assessment.  This form is signed by a doctor and part of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association's process. 

If riding is not medically approved, unmounted programs are available to support a wide variety of goals.  Our staff will be in touch about your goals, appropriate program options and next steps once the intake form is submitted.  

A $45.00 assessment for mounted and unmounted programs is part of our process to ensure diligent supports and individualization of equipment, programming and goals.  

Registration, payment and annual membership ($15.00) fees are seamlessly and electronic.  Our Resource Program Administrator can assist with every step of this process.  Email Kezia:  TrotOn@tead.on.ca for any assistance. 


We look forward to welcoming you to TEAD! 


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Contraindications to Therapeutic Riding

The following diagnoses represent contraindications to therapeutic horseback riding as stated by CanTRA (the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association).  Please note whether these conditions are present and to what degree in the Rider Medical Form package:


  • Acute arthritis
  • Acute herniated disc or prolapsed disc
  • Atlanto-axial instabilities 
  • Coax arthrosis (degeneration of hip joint)
  • Structural cranial deficits
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta
  • Pathological fractures
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Structural scoliosis >30 degrees, excessive kyphosis or lordosis or hemivertebra
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Hip subluxation, dislocation or dysplasia (one hip)


  • CVA secondary to unclipped aneurysm or angioma
  • Paralysis due to spinal cord injury above T6 (adult)
  • Spina bifida associations – Chiari II malformations, hydromyelia, tethered cord
  • Uncontrolled seizures within the last 6 months while on medication, or 12 months not on medication


  • >170 lbs
  • Age under 2 years old

Forms for New Riders