To help support our hard-working equine friends over the winter months (December - March), part boarding our horses is available. 

What is Part Boarding?

Part boarding is when approved riders pay a monthly fee to ride one of our well-schooled horses several times per week. It also means that you may be sharing the horse with another part boarder.


  • June 3rd - July 28th 2024 (quarter board only availabile for summer)
  • 1 ride per week - $150/month (quarter board)*
  • 2 rides per week - $300/month (part board)*
  • 4 rides per week - $600/month (full board)* (subject to horse availability)
  • TEAD takes care of all farrier, vet, worming and any other expenses that may arise.
  • *cost of the mandatory monthly lesson are not included

If you are not an experienced rider but would like to take lessons, please inquire about registration through

If you are interested in part boarding or a trial ride, please contact 

Benefits of Part Boarding

  • You will have the option to ride your horse 2 times per week to keep them in shape over the winter session.
  •  No jumping is allowed (see list of safety rules)
  • You must also take one lesson per month with one of our certified Instructors to help you progress with your horse (the cost of this lesson is NOT included in the monthly fee)
  • You will also be invited to take part in the clinics we host over the winter where we bring in outside coaches to teach us on our horses.
  • Our certified Instructors can help you achieve your Equestrian Canada Rider levels 1-6 
  • Schooling schedules for each horse are provided so you know what to work on
  • A list of other part boarders is provided so you can call/text/email to arrange to ride with a buddy
  • All other expenses (farrier, vet etc.) as well as 7 day a week care of the horses is looked after by TEAD staff.
  • Well-maintained tack that is checked for repairs weekly

Benefits of Taking Lessons

  • Taught by certified instructors who know your horse
  • Well-schooled horses
  • Specific progress made towards your goals of either improving your riding skills or Equestrian Canada Rider Levels 

Rules & Regulations

  • Minimum age 18 years old
  • Must ride with a buddy!
  • No jumping - ground poles are permitted
  • Barn hours are 9am to 7pm - a detailed schedule of available riding times will be provided
  • Must warm up & cool down horse properly
  • Clean tack after each ride
  • Riding bareback is not permitted
  • Please review our Part Boarding Rules and Safety: 2023 – 2024 
  • Put your horse away after your ride in the same place you took them from (e.g if your horse was outside, please put them in that same paddock with blanket(s) put back on)
  • Must clean up after your horse
  • Please sign in and sign out using the check-in sheets provided
  • Enter a detailed log your ride in our schooling records
  • Horses must stay on property

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible to part board a horse, clients must:

  • agree to take a minimum of one lesson/month with a certified instructor
  • be a current OE member or equivalent 
  • attend a virtual safety meeting before the start of the session
  • be evaluated ($45) if you are a new rider to TEAD to ensure the horse you are interested in is suitable & safe for your riding level

Part Board Info