March 2019

Brenda had been volunteering since January 2019 after finding myself with some extra time. She was searching for some healthy and meaningful activities. It was something that she had wanted to do for sometime and figured that it was time to put thoughts into action. 2019 was as good as a time as any. She have always had a “hands-off” love of 
horses, so with my healthcare background I figured that this could be a perfect fit.

She had driven by TEAD several times her way to visit family and thought it was a great cause. She found TEADs website and applied (its that easy) On her spare time she enjoys going to yoga, painting, reading and being a mom to my 2 grown boys (still at home). What brings Brenda to TEAD– she loves the people. Everyone is kind, friendly and very patient (with all my questions especially). Being a lifelong “city girl” (Hamilton) I had absolutely no experience with large animal care or farm work. I have learned so much so far. Since I started my volunteering in the winter. I’m excited to start working with the clients. The horses are the special bonus!

Brenda speak fondly about TEAD and her experiences to everyone she meets. She even brought some of her family out to see the place. She hopes to recruit a few more people!

She also wants to be an example to her boys (and others) that not everything you do in life deserves a paycheque.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth

- Muhammad Ali

From the Staff , riders and horses at TEAD.

Thank you Brenda for your hard work at TEAD helping to clean out stalls and always being willing to learn.

Also a big thank you for embracing the really cold winter days here as well.

We appreciate you greatly and all the dedication you have for TEAD since your first day here.