Our Mission

At TEAD our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities through the transformative power of equine-assisted therapy. We are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where people can experience the physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of therapeutic riding/programming.

What We Doa little rider on Ebony

Founded in 1978, TEAD has helped improve the lives of thousands of children, youth and adults with disabilities by providing therapeutic riding and equine-based programs.  Participants of all ages experience emotional and physical rewards through a range of services and activities.

TEAD is located in the rolling pastures of Mount Hope, and has a dedicated team of therapy horses, volunteers, staff and nationally certified therapeutic riding instructors.

The TEAD team is committed to fulfilling our mission with integrity, transparency and respect to ensure we develop and deliver quality programs that meet the needs of individuals and their families.

Three riders on three horses outside on a sunny day, the riders are being led by leaders and have their arms out to the side.

Registration for our spring session is opening soon!

Riding Camp horse

Registration for TEAD's summer horseback riding camp is now open!


Official sponsors of TEAD.

Case IH

TEAD would like to thank Case IH for their ongoing support and generous loan of a tractor!

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TEAD would like to thank O’Neils Farm Equipment, Binbrook ON for their ongoing support!

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TEAD would like to thank Easy on Net for the VPS hosting in Toronto that keeps our website live.