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A rider mounted on Major with beautiful fall-coloured trees in the background.

Here at TEAD, we facilitate many different types of equine programming for all age levels and abilities. 

Our therapeutic riding program runs throughout the entire year, offering lessons 6 days a week from 9am until approximately 6 -8pm, depending on the day.  Interested in becoming a rider?  Find out today how you can apply.     

We also offer a limited number of recreational lessons to independent walk/trot and walk/trot/canter riders only at this time.  As we are a therapeutic riding centre first and foremost, the majority of our programming is dedicated to our therapeutic participants.   

Finally, we have a variety of unmounted and combination mounted & unmounted wellness programs that we host throughout the year.  Find out more about each individual program and see which ones are right for you!  


Therapeutic riding lessons are offered morning, afternoons and evenings, 6 days a week to support more than 120 riders with a disability.


T.E.A.D. offers a fully integrated summer riding camp for children of all abilities.


Our Wellness Programs involve participants working with horses on the ground, that focus on improving mental health and wellness.