June 2018

I have been volunteering at TEAD for 12 years plus or minus a couple. Then I finally had to retire my car so I could no longer make the journey out.

Originally, I was volunteering at the SPCA as a dog walker but it was too much of a hassle to become part of there team. So, I decided to come to TEAD instead. This was a great decision as TEAD is much more up my alley. I have always loved horses so I was very fortunate to find a volunteering opportunity that allowed me to be around them again.

When I am not at TEAD I like to walk a lot (my last name is walker so I have to live up to that name). Now that I have retired from driving as well I am walking even more. I also like to do water fit which helps to keep me healthy. I love everything about TEAD. I used to ride a lot in the old country so it was nice to be in 
that environment again.

Hilary is an amazing instructor and the riders were all lots of fun to be around. I really enjoyed my time spent at TEAD volunteering. It was a great experience, I really 
enjoyed my time at TEAD and all that came with it!

From the Staff and Riders: Thank you Liz for your many years you spent with us! We are so fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers like you. Your sense of humor, energy and charisma will be missed in the arena.