September 2018

A little about Lynne: 

I became involved at TEAD twenty years ago, when located at Black's, after seeing ad in newspaper for volunteers.

I love horses but had no experience and remember thinking I was too old. After going out for orientation I knew it was for me. Since then, I have learned so much (for free).

I am proud being part of TEAD. The horses are so well cared for and loved.

I always feel that everyone is there because they want to be, including the staff, a very positive atmosphere!

The riders are inspiring and it is very rewarding to help them physically and emotionally. I have seen so many benefits from therapeutic riding...AND THE SMILES!

The volunteers are a great team that I feel fortunate to be a valued member. We all know we are appreciated and we have fun too!

I get to pretend a horse is mine for awhile! TEAD keeps me stable. Hope to be coming in 20 years.

From the staff and riders:

Thank you Lynne for always coming in with a smile! Not only do you help brighten the riders day you make sure that the horses are well looked after as well. You are truly appreciated for your time and commitment.