February 2019

About Nancy and what brought her to T.E.A.D...

I started volunteering in August of 2007. Initially I tacked and lead horses in the arena on two or three mornings a week.

I also took riding lessons on Sundays on Lexie and Hottie. I was raised on a dairy farm with two working horses. As a young child I spent time outside or in the barn with the horses. When I retired from work as a medical secretary, I decided to come to TEAD to help the disabled and spend time with the horses. I donated two horses to TEAD, Blaze and AJ. I donated supplies – wheelbarrows, repaired the manure carts, salt holders and licks, lead ropes, hay/straw, paid for Ebony’s “Renewal” supplements and his board for the past three years as well as supplying detergent, toilet paper and paper towels for the office.

Due to an injury I was unable to help in lessons anymore but volunteer on Sundays now to help muck stalls, put down fresh bedding, feed and water the horses. I bring carrots every Sunday for their afternoon grain and get my “fix for the week” by just spending time with them.

Outside of TEAD I took over from our previous chairperson and headed up a social group of about 30 people. I coordinated dinner theatres, bowling, dances, dining out, 
casino trips, euchre/ game nights and other various activities.

I volunteered at the SPCA and adopted two cats, one of which is now fifteen years old and is my special “boy”.

I love everything about TEAD. The work they do is very important and I have been privileged to help in lessons in the arena and see new riders progress and enjoy the freedom of being on a horse.

From the TEAD staff and horses: Thank you Nancy for being such a dedicated volunteer over the years and all your generous donations. We appreciate everything that you have done for us over the years!