July 2018

I started at T.E.A.D in the Fall of 2016. I just moved to Hamilton with my wife Linda and we were looking for an activity where we could combine our love of horses, the outdoors and assisting those with a disability. Previously I was quite involved in an organization that advocated for those with a disability and therefore when I read about TEAD and its objectives, I wanted very much to become involved.

What do I love about T.E.A.D? The whole atmosphere of the place which is established through the care and passion of the instructors and stable managers. Riders, volunteers and horses all benefit from this, each in their own way. Since retiring at the end of 2016 as a Chief Financial Officer for a home building supply company, I have replaced those previously long work hours with volunteering (I also volunteer at Ancaster Community Services and Royal Botanical Gardens); socializing with friends and relatives; hiking; travelling; and reading. I also spend an inordinate amount of time working on improving my piano playing!

It is so rewarding to see riders improve, some in unexpected ways as a session progresses. It is also something to be in an organization where everyone is working towards a common objective and having a great time in doing so.