December 2018

I initially began volunteering with TEAD back when I was still completing my undergraduate degree at McMaster University -- friends and I spent a couple seasons at TEAD in 2012.

Then in the Fall of 2016 I started volunteering regularly again.

I began volunteering with friends. Stayed for the horses and riders! I usually volunteer during the evenings and weekends. I can usually be found holding a camera, catching up with friends, or exploring the beautiful city of Hamilton.

I believe it’s important to give back in some way and TEAD always felt like a natural fit for me. Witnessing riders gain confidence and independence is such a beautiful thing.

I love the work that TEAD is doing and I love seeing riders connect with their horse.

I’d encourage anyone who is able to get involved with TEAD. It’s okay if you don’t know anything about horses. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and surrounded by people who are willing to help because, at the end of the day, we’re all there for the riders.

Thank you again, this means a lot to me and I love the work being done at TEAD. I tell everyone I know about the organization.