July 2018

I started volunteering at TEAD almost two years ago.

I first heard about it from Dale Anderson (a former board member) then saw the ad in The Spectator that volunteers were needed.

I have always loved horses, but never had the chance to be around them regularly. I grew up on a farm, and would beg my Dad for a horse, but as a cattle and cash-crop operation, there was no room for a horse. As a kid, I read every book I could get my hands on that was about horses.

I also like helping those less-fortunate, so volunteering at TEAD allows me to fulfil both of those passions.

Apart from my time spent at TEAD I am retired from full-time work, but very active with sports (baseball, golf and pickle ball), and have a 10-month-old grandson who I love to spend time with. I also enjoy live theatre, reading and investing in the stock market.

I previously also volunteered in a reading program for underprivileged children, and hope to find something like that again this fall.

I love to travel, and have been to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, China, the Azores and many 'sun destinations.' In September I'm off to Dubai!

I enjoy immensely the time I spend at TEAD - both because of the horses and the riders who all have such interesting personalities! I am proud to be involved with TEAD, am constantly telling friends and family about the program, and encouraging others to consider volunteering there. The effort you put in at TEAD is well rewarded by the smiles on the riders' faces!

I hope to continue volunteering with TEAD for many years to come!

From the staff and riders: Thank you Sue for all your dedication you have shown towards T.E.A.D in the last 2 years!